Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sensory Overload or NOT!

So here I sit on my butt for the third day....OH MY GOSH I'M BORED! I'm tired of looking at my computer, my tv, reading, studying, I'm even sick of sleeping, well now I'm developing a slight case of insomnia.  I'm hoping to hear some good news from my physical therapist.  Ok I'm done with pity party for one.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ankle Update

Since my crash I've been to medical to see the doctor to find out the verdict.  I made an appointment for my daughter, on Friday, who has been feeling sick and was having difficultly breathing but they could not make one for me.  I told my husband that after her appointment I would go to the ER and get it looked at cause I was not able to walk on my foot at all.  After hobbling into medical to check in my daughter the corpsman were asking if I was alright.  I told them about what happen, they offered me a wheelchair but my stubborn bull-headed side refused it.  I continued to hobble around medical while I noticed that the corpsman were keeping a watchful eye on me.  I think they told the doctor about my injury because after he diagnosed my daughter and started her nebulizer treatment he looked at my foot and had me 'walked' through the system.  After getting me checked in he ordered a set of x-rays I was ordered into a wheelchair, and again I refused to go into it.  But between my husband and the corpsmen, my happy ass was getting in the wheelchair wither I wanted to or not.  One of the corpsmen wheeled me down to x-ray to get those done and then back to where my daughter was.  Then I received the wonderful news that my ankle was not broken...YIPPEE!! But the doctor did say it is a severe sprained ankle with some ligament damage.  Of course I knew the answer, but I still had to ask if I could race in the Super Sprint on Sunday, yeah my husband and my doctor both looked at me like I was crazy and told me NO!  Hey, at least I tried.

Now I have to go back to my physical therapist to get my range of mobility built back up and to re-strengthen my muscles and ligaments.   I'm now seeing this as another set back in my training.  BLAH!  I have a Grade 2 sprain which is: 

    • Moderate tearing of the ligament fibers.
    • Some instability of the joint.
    • Moderate to severe pain and difficulty walking.
    • Swelling and stiffness in the ankle joint.
    • Minor bruising may be evident.
And looks wonderful and a lot like this (at least mine does):

My right foot is the one I sprained, yeah I guess its a give away
seeing as its twice the size of my left foot :)

I did a good job with one (outside of my right foot)

I have lost my ankle bone all together from the swelling

The inside of my right ankle

Now I'm looking at 4-8 week recovery time, assuming everything goes well with my physical therapist on Monday I'm hoping for the shorter of the recovery time.  I just need to get back on my bike, its looking quite pitiful sitting here in my house I didn't even have it 24 hours before crashing.  I'm sure I will have more accidents while learning how to clip in and out and while learning more about the mechanics of my cycling.  I will get the hang of it soon.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


In May I was training for a 2.5 mile open water swim, my body was in getting into wonderful shape, I had a killer training regiment down, I had a goal.  I accomplished my goal.  Now I am seeing that even though I am doing things, competing in races, taking classes, and doing what I need to I do not have the same drive in my heart that I did back in May.

I coming to the conclusion I need to have circle on the calender to achieve towards, something to aim for.  My new goal, and yes its circled on the calender, is to do the Ironman 70.3 in Providence July 10, 2011.

Now I know I'm going to have other triathlons to do in the process but I have to have a huge goal to attain to.  And this is my huge goal a Half Ironman.  I honestly believe that I will be able to get back into the right frame of mind and condition properly with this goal on my calender.

Oh yeah and this other wonderful things that is an actual bump in my plans..So Godric came home yesterday, I was so excited to have him I couldn't wait to take him out. Samantha dropped by to lend me her Mag Trainer. I sat in my living room and practiced for about 15 min, I decided to take my new toy out for a spin around the neighborhood. I took off just fine, I clipped in great no issues. I became comfortable with how the mechanics of my legs now operated even though it still feels weird. Then things turned to yuck!

Hello Lover! This is my new baby Godric!
I was coming to a stop in front of my house, I had my left foot unclipped just fine, came up one the grass fell to my right (still clipped), I started to fall and I tried to unclip on my way down I fell on right ankle cause it was stuck in my cleat, my ankle popped and I unclipped all the same time. The neighbor was outside and saw it happen, asked if I was ok..it took about 5 minutes for me to get up...my ankle is wicked swollen and tender, I've already done a 10 minute ice massage and I'm elevating it right now. If its still crazy bad tomorrow, I'm going to get it looked at, I need to make sure there is no ligament or tendon damage. I can't believe I put myself into such bad situation 1) I came up on my drive way 2) only had one cleat out 3) I was trying to avoid the truck 4)I went into wet grass on slicks ...it was just bad all around.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I have to let go of the controlling things

My [physical] therapist told me I needed to break up with my [motion] controlling shoes.  So I went out and grabbed  some that would treat me right, some stable[ity] shoes.  I am now running in ASICS GEL- Kayano 16.

Sounds weird right, a little bit, but since battling plantar fasciitis I started wearing motion control shoes.  Well after 2 months of physical therapy, that has been quite successful, I have come to many many realizations.  1) I do not need motion control shoes for my feet, it actually did more harm than good.  2) I know how to swallow my pride and apologize to my physical therapist and tell her that I am sorry.  The back story on that is a good one.
So one day during one of my appointments I had asked my physical therapist if/when I would ever be able to run.  She told me that the day I can wake up in the morning without any pain in my feet then I can start training.  I told her that it would never happen, I would never wake up with out pain in my feet.  Well needless to say 7 days after that happen, I woke up, hopped out of bed, and my feet didn't hurt.  I thought OK maybe this is just a fluke.  Well, I was able to get up without pain for about a week and come my next appointment I had to apologize to my physical therapist.  She thought it was funny, but she LOVED the fact that we have made such wonderful progress in our therapy sessions.  We had a good laugh over it.
Good times, hopefully this will mean a more stable relationship between me and my feet :)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Borrowing this idea

So many things come to mind when this question is presented: run a 5K, 10K, half and full marathon, compete in a Half and Full Ironman, be the best yogi I can possibly be, finish my degree, and so many other things.  But for this specific post: a 30 day yoga and meditation challenge.

My very best and yogi mentor Samantha was telling me about a 30 day yoga challenge she was taking part it.  She only has to do at least 10 minutes of yoga a day.  So this got me thinking why can't I do so something like this, why do I need to wait to be invited by someone before I need a challenge like this.

Now where I am stating my claim to the world, well at least the blogging world, my commitment to do 30 days of yoga in conjunction with 30 days of meditation.  I can understand how some may think that these two are one in the same but to me they are not, to me yoga is yoga.  It is the deep stretching that my body needs to maintain a healthy balance between my cardio, weights, swimming and biking.  Yoga will help keep me balanced, limbered, and less prone to the injuries that I am currently having because my muscles, tendons, and ligaments are so tight.

(this is not me)

30 day of meditation, I will be using this to help center my soul and my person.  This is going to help me become a better person, just by taking 10 minutes out of each day to spend this time to re-center my person.  I think this is going to be my favorite part of my day.  I really am already looking forward to going to the sea side, reflecting on my day, feeling the sun on my face as it sets, and listening to waves crash below me.  Its already so relaxing just talking about.  Now off to plan tomorrow's day and relax the rest of my night.  So with this I will say good bye: shanti shanti shanit

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Too Cute! The Navy Wives Alphabet

by Mrs. Jean Ebbert

A is for Adaptable, which is supposed to be my middle name. Also for Absent, which my husband is A lot, especially when the Anchor's Aweigh.

B is for Basic, as in Basic Allowance for Quarters and Basic Allowance for Sustinence. (See "L".)

C is for Cost of living which is always going up and for Commissary which I therefore I need more than ever

D is for Dependent, which is what the Navy says I am, even though everybody knows you can't survive Navy life unless you're extremely independent.

E is for Empty, which is what my wallet is at the End of Each pay period.

F if for Fabulous Foreign ports I hope he'll bring me back Fabulous bargains From.

G is for Government and Goldbraid and "Good Grief Charlie Brown, who in Washington thought that one up!"

H is for housing which so often seems (a) too small, (b) too expensive, (c) too close to the Base, (d) too far from Base, (c) all of the above.

I is for ID card on which my picture looks Idiotic,

J is for Jack of all trades, which it would be Just dandy if I were one.

K is for Kilometers and Knots, both of which Kinda confuse me.

L is for Lavish, which is what I wish allowances were, instead of Basic. (see "B".)

M is for Mail from the ship, which is sometimes a Maybe thing.

N is for mmmm - er - uh - (gosh, can't think of anything for this one.)

O is for Orders to places I've never heard Of

P is for Personal Property lost and damaged in our last Permanent Change of Station, for which I will Positively be reimbursed (Perhaps).

Q is for Qualified, which I am getting to be at practically everything.

R is for his Return from deployment, which is Really Romantic.

S is for Starboard, which Sailors on Ships Say when they mean "right."

T is for Trips To The Tailor, when his uniform mysteriously Tightens across his Tummy.

U is for Unexpected changes in the ship's schedule, which I Understand are Unavoidable but which I'm often Unprepared for and so they Usually make me Upset, or even Uptight.

V is for Volunteer work, which I know is a Very fine thing, but sometimes I get too Vound up in it.

W is for Navy Wives, Who are Wonderful, Witty, Wise, Warm and Winsome. Whoever Would argue With this is no longer Welcome aboard.

X is for Navy X-change, which I am very glad

Y is for Yards and Yeoman and Yo-bo-bo-, all of which sound very nautical, don't You think?

Z is for ''zulu," which is what the Navy calls the last letter of the alphabet, which I think is a Zany thing to do


Operation Beautiful: Transforming the Way You See Yourself One Post-it Note at a Time is a book written by Caitlin Boyle to empower women to love themselves for who they are. Something that we all should remember every day. I know that I have trouble remembering that I'm beautiful, worthy and the like. I don't like being overweight, but I'm working towards my goals to lose the weight. But by reading and learning about Operation Beautiful has helped show me that I'm beautiful. Operation Beautiful was started by one person who (Caitlin) who discovered after years of 'fat talk' and other emotional draining activities that by one day just posting a note that "You are beautiful" could start a revolution for women all over the world. 

One reason that I love this book is that the author has put in stories and post-its and other notes that others have submitted to her and stories of how they felt when they left a note for someone else, or when they found a note left by someone else. The fact that finding a note had such a positive impact on people makes me want to share that with others. I love making people smile and I think that passing a simple message like "Remember you are beautiful no matter what' will make someones day. Just like smiling can be contagious, it seems that these notes have the same affect. Anyone who has had trouble with meeting goals or feeling good about themselves will really enjoy this book. Need a pick-me-up? Check out Operation Beautiful the site and see what everyone has shared. 

Another reason that I love this book is one of my dear friends Ms. Samantha and her elder share their story in this book.  She is showing her son's about about being positive and having beautiful outlook on life now matter what.