Monday, December 27, 2010

Secret Santa Gift

DAILY MILE SECRET SANTA!! Your freakin' rock!!  I have been wanting this book forever, its like your read my mind =)  Thank you so much!!!

Trizophrenia: Inside the Minds of a Triathlete by Jeff Mallett

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Oh my gosh what a fabulous Christmas we had, but at the same time it was very bittersweet.  The reason I believe it was bittersweet is because it was our last one on Guam.  Sad but true, next year we will be in the snow and cold that the New England states have to offer us.  Alright, back to warm thoughts. We started off Christmas Eve with making Santa his most favorite cookies, and this year we cheated because all of our household goods are waiting for us in the states.

Santa had oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies that were freshly baked waiting for him at our house that night.  The best part, I think, of the night was while the cookies were baking we started a new tradition.  My kids each made an ornament for Santa to put on the tree.

They left their ornaments on the kitchen table and the next morning, well more about that later.  They each got to open up one Christmas present from the family on Christmas Eve, but the only way they get to open them is if the cookies for Santa are made, the milk is out, the carrots are ready for the reindeer, and they are ready for bed (unless we go to midnight mass then they have to be ready for church).

Well needless to say I think it was a world record with those two getting ready.  I have never seen them get ready so quickly.  They were so excited, for Santa, to open presents, for Santa...yeah I had to mention that twice because that is all my 3 y/o talked about for 2 weeks was seeing Santa.  It was beyond adorable but it started to wear on the nerves a little bit.

So for the family gifts:

 My son received a Math Drills workbook, trust me was excited

 My daughter received a Same and Different workbook, she wasn't as excited

 Hubby got Gran Turismo for his PSP

I got my Hammer sweatshirt!

Then it was for my little creatures to go to bed so Santa could come.  Goodness, it took forever for them to get to bed.  So to buy sometime I jumped on Norad to track Santa so every time they got up I could tell them how close Santa was.  Well needless to say it worked cause they eventually gave up and Santa eventually came.


Now it might not look like a lot, but that's because we emailed Santa and told him we were in the middle of a move and asked him not to bring anything to big.  We were happy to find out that adhered to our wishes.

The Christmas morning wake-up call. OH BOY! Was that fun.  My hubby and I woke up probably about 6am and just laid around in bed waiting for the kids.  We mainly work up because we didn't want any little people's opening presents when they weren't supposed to.  It was so awesome to hear them when they finally woke up.  "Santa came!" "The cookies are gone"...plate to the face "Daddy Santa ate all the cookies".  Yup my little girl threw the empty plate at my husband to let him know that Santa at all the cookies.  Ah, kids!

The kids opened their presents and were beyond happy with what they received.  Lots of DS games, Leapster games, math and reading books, a couple barbies and some bakugans.  Then the hubby and I exchanged each others gifts.  TO FUNNY! We got each other the same thing just different colors: the new iPod Nano, mine is pink and his is a steel color.  It was just to funny for words.

After presents we took a little nap, and then had to get up and get ready for the rest of our day.  We were invited over to three different families houses but only made it to two of them.  We went to our long time friends the Cowdrey's first.  My poor son threw up on her floor.  He went to get his dinner plate and looked at my husband and said "I think I'm going to throw up" and threw up.  No time to get to trash can or anything.  After about 5 minutes of puking in her toilet he just laid down and played his DS for the rest of time we were there.  Poor guy.  After there we went to our neighbors and good friends house the Woods'.  Where, no puking this time, everyone ate a little more, drank some and had some good laughs. At the end of the night everyone was beyond exhausted.  We came home, it was far walk about 150 feet.  And went to bed.

The next day we went and picked up the rest of my Christmas present.  Hubby got me Giant Cyclotron Mag Trainer for my bike and a pair of lap fins for the pool.  Honestly I think I was more excited about the mag trainer and fins than the iPod, but don't tell him that.

So all and all it was a wonderful, low key, family driven Christmas.  I really couldn't have asked for anything more.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Wish List

After reading TriDiesel's blog about what he is hoping for under his Christmas tree this year, it got me thinking "What is it that I really want this year as an athlete?"  Well here is my grown up Christmas list (feel free to help out Santa =) )

Let start with a beautiful piece of equipment:

The Cannondale Slice Women's 4 Rival.  This bike just screams ride me to 1st place.  

Rudy Project.  Oh the lines, the art form, the beauty, Rudy Project helmets and glass just scream sexy.  After your riding 112 miles and then running a full marathon, I firmly believe that no matter how nasty you get doing it you should still look sexy while getting it done, and you can definitely achieve that sporting Rudy Project.
Rudy Project Sportmask Titanium With Laser Black Lenses

Rudy Project Sterling Helmet

Zensah Compression Socks.  I would really like a pair of these for my plane ride, you know make them multi purpose =) Wouldn't you want to wear a pair of compression socks for a 24 hour plane trip too. And yes, they have to be pink, cause those ones ROCK!

Newton Running Shoes.  Well the Lady Isaac S to be exact.  Since I began my training I've learned a whole new form and realized that my shoes are yuck and I was turned on toward the Newtons.

Allied Medal Hangers.  I can't wait to get some race bling to place on this.  Now I understand this is kind of placing the cart before the horse type of thing, but what a better way to stay motivated then having this beautiful piece of art on hanging there for all to see to help keep one motivated.

Tri Apparel: Tri-Tops, tri-bottoms...oh yes, I need to build up my inventory of umm, NONE.  I'm hoping Santa will bring me apparel from Hammer Nutrition, Rudy Project, Road Id, just to name some of my favorite place.

But its not all triathlon based stuff I would like.  I would love an iPad, a new wardrobe, a new car, a tattoo, you know fun stuff that makes adults stay kids at heart.  Well that is just some of my grown up Christmas list.  Maybe one day I'll strike it rich and get everything my family and my hearts desire but for now we will leave it up to the magic of Santa.

What did you ask Santa for?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Downward slope and an eventful week to come

I'm really beginning to think I'm finally on the downward slope of this nasty cough I've had.  I went most of the day today with out a coughing fit, which was freaking awesome!  So I'm really kind of excited to be hitting the gym again soon, very very soon.  **WHOOP**WHOOP**  I'm thinking I'm going to take Sunday to completely bleach my house out to make sure I do not get this nasty cough again, and then hopefully hit the gym/pool/bike on Monday.

There is so much coming up this week, our MWR and Fleet & Family are really pulling out all the stops to try and bring the Christmas spirit to our little island.


Cookie Exchange and Chapel


A Chamorro Christmas

A Christmas Movie under the stars


Rock Concert - SEETHER


The Day Care kids preform!


Rota Walk

Ah yes, the holiday season is really now in full swing and the morale departments and the commands here on the island really try their best to make the Christmas season a good one every year.  They do a pretty good job of it too.  I mean we do not get snow, it cost over $1200 for one plane ticket back to the states, so they know the Scrooges and Grinches they are up against and still they always pull off great times.  Plus there is always so much to do out in the community this time of year.  They have lights up everywhere, and the hotels always look so grand.  Then the families on the island always go out of their way, wither they are military or non-military, if they know you do not have anywhere to go over the holiday they make sure to extend and invitation to you. Its always so warm and friendly.  Guam really reminds you of what the Christmas season is truly about.

I absolutely love the Christmas Season!

Friday, December 10, 2010

ISO a new design

Yes that's right, I'm looking for a new look to my blog, and I'm clueless.  Are you shocked? You shouldn't be, especially if you know me you shouldn't be.  I utilize all sorts of free sites for my background but I think its time to commit to something of my own.  Something that will bring in more readers, that says more about who I am, something that SCREAMS me.

I am looking for a complete blog make over.  If you can suggest a designer, can take on this enormous task yourself or direct me to someone who can I would greatly appreciate it.

Jungle Bells

We have a different way of doing things here on Guam, and one of the best ways is to change up songs.  This is our take on the classic Jingle Bells.

Jungle Bells
to be sung just like the traditional Jingle Bells

Here we are on Guam.
Without a hope of snow.
But though the spreading palms.
A typhoon sure can blow.

Santa Clause will know,
What the tropics will allow.
Instead of riding eight reindeer,
He'll ride a carabao.

Ohh, Jungle Bells, coconut shells,
Sticker burrs all the way.
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a two wheeled carabao sleigh.

Be watchful everyone
He'll send a telegram,
That today he'll be on Guam.
Send out by Uncle Sam
Santa will be here

To see what you have done
So let's all greet him. Ha! Ha! Ha!
And join him in the fun.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Oh how I missed you!

No really I have missed you!  So much has happened, I don't know where to start.... Oh I know.  Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful time, we volunteered the night before at the USO to help set up for their annual Thanksgiving feast for the families and active duty members who are stationed here on Guam. We showed up at about, oh, 6pm and didn't leave until 9pm.  We would have stayed longer but our the kiddies needed to get to sleep so they were not completely unruly the next day.

So Thursday morning we get up, lounge around the house for a bit and the get ready to meet up with some friends at the USO Thanksgiving Day feast.  HOLY COW! is it packed.  I knew when we left the night before there was seating for about 215 people and now there was standing room only.  And by standing room I mean people are squished in shoulder to shoulder there almost wasn't any empty floor space in the place to be seen.  Honestly if the fire marshall would have come by he would have shut the place down, we were well over our alloted limit.  And then the talking began.  Yes I understand you have to thank all the sponsor and everything else but really do you need to talk for an hour with the house packed to the rafters and the aircon not working.  So there we sat, kids getting antsy, people not listening, others lining up to eat already, I mean come on enough already, and then it hits me like a ton of brick.  I'm trapped, I can't get out, I'm in the middle of the room and there are people all around me, I can't see the doors, people are touching me, stop touching me, I can't guessed it, full blown panic attack.  Luckily about the time my panic attack decided to set in, they were finishing up and blessing the table to open the lines to eat.  Thank God, because my husband was just about to leave so I didn't start freaking out.  My friend and I take our girls and get at the very end of this line that isn't moving and we being to wait.  Now we are prepared to wait forever, mainly because after 5 minutes we still haven't moved 2 feet.  Luckily the volunteers were going around and pulling parents with small kids out of line and giving them head of the line privileges because they saw how ridiculously long the lines were.  So we jumped up to the front of the line, made all of the kids' plates (3 for her and 2 for me) and sat back down, figuring we would eat at the next place but the kids needed to eat now.  As soon as the kids ate we bolted out of there.  I think if it was a just a little less chaotic we would have had a great time.  So we headed over to our friend Jenell's home for Thanksgiving with her family.  It was so roomy compared to where we just left it was a welcomed change.  Unfortunately my husband and I didn't get to eat right away at Jenell's house either.  We made a commitment to run the Turkey Tort 1.5 mile and 5K that same evening and we going to keep to that.  After seeing all her wonderful food we had to leave our appetites at bay and go do our run.

I was really kind of excited to finally get back out run/walking again after being out of the game for so long.  I took part in the 1.5 mile and didn't do to bad.  I ran as far as I could, while keep in mind my form and coming to the realization that my shoes are probably a size to big.  I finish the 1.5 in about 32 mins.  Now most can finish a 5K in that time but I haven't ran since May so I am in no way conditioned to run.  So the fact that I finished a 1.5 with a mixture of running and walking I am quite happy with.  After the hubby came across the finish line we came home, showered and returned to Jenell's house to finally eat.  And oh my gosh, the food tasted so good.  It was good food, great company, we had good some good laughs.  It was great way to end a rather crazy day.

After Thanksgiving, life went on as normal, well almost.  The sickness has taken our house hold by storm.  My little girl had the cough first, and to make matters worse every time she would cough it just happen to be into my face.  Thanks dear.

So then the sickness hit me harder than it hit little bit.  So I have been down from training for about 2 weeks now.  I'm just starting to get my appetite back and all I want is CHOCOLATE! nummy nummy!  I'm hoping to be over this cough soon though, I feel like a bump on a log just sitting here wasting away to nothing.  But the latest victims of the sickness seem to be the hubster and the son.  Hubby came home with a headache today and slept for 3 hours and sonny-boy has started coughing.  Great!

Sonny-boy just had a birthday.  He is 7, really where does the time go? He had a couple of his friends over and they played we ordered pizza and made ice cream sundaes for dessert.  The pizzas were a hit once they finally got here.  We ordered them from a very well known franchise, name to be with held, and have never had any issues ordering from them before.  So we order 2 large pizzas, 1 cheese and 1 pepperoni not a hard order right?  The driver shows up with 1 pizza, the pepperoni one and the boys all want cheese.  The drive has no idea where the other pizza is, and is headed back to the store to find it. Um, yeah you are cause I paid for 2 and you gave me one.  So hubster didn't sign the credit card receipt. Then we are waiting and I go to give the boy the pepperoni so the quite bothering us and its cold.  Like not cooled down from being hot but like it sat under hot lamps all day and they threw it in a box cold.  I was PISSED!  There was no sweat ring on the counter so I knew it was most definitely a cold pizza.  So we called the pizza place back up and told them what happen, the manager was very kind and compensated our entire meal and us 2 new pizzas for the boys.  It was horrible that it took the entire party to get the boys fed because the party was only 2 hours.  Oh well I guess we know for next time.

And here we are, see not really to much has been going on.  I changed my page made it a little more festive and I've updated my event schedule.  Other than that not much has changed.  I'm hoping to get back in the gym here soon.  Our moving is coming along we do not have much longer left on Guam and I'm going to miss it here sorely.  So for now I will say good night.  I will catch up with you all another day.