Sunday, July 18, 2010

Things I learned on my first Triathlon

1) Sunscreen goes on all exposed body parts. Seems obvious right, but for some reason I totally missed my face now my cheeks are bright red and tender.

2) EAT BREAKFAST. Yeah, I was that gal. I totally forgot to eat breakfast, I didn't have a Cliff bar with me and I was starving come the start of the race. So I dragged butt the whole time.

3) Bring GU/Hammer Nutrition/something for some quick artificial energy to have before the swim and bike portions. Fat has a tendency to want to fight hard to stay on your body and use up all of the energy you need for cycling.

4) Pack enough water for a horse. Yeah one water bottle is not nearly enough especially when your mouth is covered in salt water from the swim.

5) Pack a really good photographer, to many pictures is better than not enough (Dempsey tried his best, but he really needs to work on taking pictures.)

6) Assume that the measurements are off during the swim, especially when they say "2 laps to equal 750 meter, but it could be about 80 meter longer than that"

7) Who ever said get the hard, fast, and panicky first couple of meters out right away will help your system and your swim, LIED!!! It doesn't help it only cramps your muscles, causes fatigue, and irritates the crap out of you.