Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why Tri?

'Michelle, why are you doing triathlons?'  My answer is simple 'Why not?!' 

 I have fallen in love with the sport of triathlon and its wonderful.  Plus I'm using this new wonderful sport to lose weight.  I am not the type of person who can commit to video workout, spending long hours in the gym, oh commit to workout programs that bore me.  I enjoy being outside, I enjoy swimming, cycling and running, so why not do them all at the same time.

Now granted the sexy skin tight lycra is something less to be desired with someone who is on the heavier side, but whatever, I'm out there doing something that I am throughly enjoying.  I have found a sport that I love and can take with me where ever my husband may move us too.

Using the sport of triathlon to lose weight almost seem counterproductive.  What do I mean?  With the amount of food one has to intake when taking up a endurance sport would make any person who is trying to lose weight make them go hmmm.

The biggest problem right now, well really there are two.  The first problem is this nagging foot injury, plantar fasciitis to be exact.  The second problem, highly related to the first, I can't run. Funny thing is I was learning to run when I developed this injury and now I have redeveloped my love for swimming and cycling.

The thing that needs to happen next is I'm waiting for the weight to fall off.  With all of the swimming, cycling, weight training and yoga I'm doing I am expecting to see results, hopefully, in no time flat.  I have a crazy race schedule already set up here in Guam before we leave for Rhode Island.  I know as sure as I type this that when we get back to the states its going to be winter so I'm going to have to jump right into my off season training.  Its going to be weird have an actual season.  I'm blessed here in Guam to train all year along, but it is going to be a shocker to know I'm back into seasons.  But the BEST part of having 'season' is actual SEASONS!! It has been 4 years since I've seen fall, winter, and spring...SO EXCITED.  But more about that later

Friday, August 20, 2010


I do not understand, I'm always hungry.  Nothing I seem to do is curing this never ending hunger.  I just want to eat, yeah I know how bad it is for me but I'm starving.  I really wish I could figure out what is going on.  I just want to eat and eat and eat....

(this is really what I feel like)

Now I know that I shouldn't just sit and eat, but lately that is all I want to do.  I just want to workout and then get home and eat.  And yes that is totally counter productive, but I don't know what else to do.  AH!! My diet has been great, until recently, all I wanted to do is eat crap.  Nothing that is good for me, nothing that will help me lose my weight, definitely nothing that I would allow my children to snack on just because they said their hungry.

Yeah, this is the butt chewing I'm going to get from my friends who are personal trainers, inspirations, motivators, and my support team.  By eating this way I feel like I'm letting them all down, because I know I'm letting myself down.

This might explain why I'm feeling yucky, I have zero energy, and I'm always exhausted.  I need to fix this problem like NOW!  I'm still not sure what I'm going to do to fix this.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Admitting defeat...kind of

I had all sorts of wonderful intentions to do the Rota Blue Triathlon this coming November.  However after having a long talk with my loving and supportive husband, I am going to have to miss this triathlon.  The only reason I am not attending this one is because we transfer off Guam shortly after, very shortly after.  I was hoping to do this race but I know there will be plenty of opportunity when I get back to the states to do many sprint, olympic, and half IM'ers.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time splits from the Summer Triathlon Series

There is nothing better than seeing improvements on times, especially when these are my first 3 triathlons EVER!

July 18th Summer Sprint Series
Overall 55
Div Place 7
Swim 0:21:39
Bike 1:19:14
Run 0:41:24
Total 2:22:17

July 25th Summer Sprint Series
Overall 59
Div Place 8
Swim 0:22:30
Bike 1:00:09
Run 0:39:29
Total 2:02:08

August 1st Summer Sprint Series
Overall 67
Div Place 8
Swim 0:20:09
Bike 0:57:00
Run 0:38:50
Total 1:55:59

Saturday, August 14, 2010

One day...Soon

Ironman, not really caring which one, where, half or full, I will do an IM and here is my awesome motivation to get my butt in gear.

Nothing is more motivating than pushing yourself to the limit and this video is great motivation making sure I achieve my goal.

Aye Adai!

My crazy dog ruined my weekend, well she wasted it cause I'm allowing her to waste it.  After having a wonderful dinner and great conversation with some friends I come home to the worlds most awful smell upon opening the front door.

(yes this is what I looked like)

Oh it was this horrible poopy smell and I knew automatically who it was coming from, my wonderful rottweiler Resse left me a nasty welcome home present.  She managed to poop inside and outside her cage, she is so beyond nasty.

I had to call my neighbor to come help me get all the dog poop out of cage while holding it upside down.  Gosh it was horrible.  My house smelled for hours.  I think the worst part about it was, after getting fat-fat back into the house I noticed that she has poop all over her backside.  So now at 10:45pm I have to wash my chunky butted rottie.  Lucky she was really good about getting her bath and waited patiently for me to dry her off.  What a stinky way to end my wonderful day.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Training, training, and more training

Wondering if one day I will be able to run.  This plantar fasciitis is for the birds, but I do have to say that my biking is getting stronger and now that the pool is back open I can't wait to hit the water again.  With my next race right around the corner I really need to hit the water soon.

We'll its time for bed, I have an intense workout in the morning.  Good night all.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


This is Godric, he is a 2010 Giant SCR 2. Isn't he pretty...I can't wait to get on him for some wonderful long rides

Setting my sights

Setting my sights on a HUGE new goal. The 2012 IM in Providence. I've been bitten by the tri-bug and it feels wonderful! If my workouts and training go without injury, I might even consider doing the 2011 IM. I made the max times out my times to beat, cause anything better than that would just be a benefit and add to the triumph of completing an IM. So my goal times are swim 1.2 miles: 1 hour and 10 minutes, bike 56 miles: 5 hours and 30 minutes, run 13.1: 8 hours and 30 minutes.
The only real problem I might have is in the run, but who knows the adrenaline might fix that and might surprise even myself. I am looking forward to my new adventure with my new team, Tri-NE when I get to Rhode Island.
I'm so excited to be taking part in exciting!!