Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Swimming Laps

Patrick is such a fish in water. Sunday (5/18) he saw a 25-meter lap. That's right a lap, all by himself. It was so cool, afterwards he pick out what he wanted for dinner. He is getting so big and is such an awesome swimmer. I just hope we can get him into swim lessons soon.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We finally christened the kids. It was a beautiful ceremony. We had family fly in from the states to be the kids god-parents. Pat was so much fun, when Father blessed Bell with the holy water Pat asked Father 'I want that done'. It was a good laugh for everyone. After the christening we all went to the pool and burned. But it was all in good fun.

Monday, April 21, 2008


No more gossip! I'm done! I can't handle it anymore. It just get you in trouble and ruins friendships. There is more to life than finding out what everyone else is up to, the 'dirt' that is. I love my friends but gossip is not worth losing a friendship over. I try my best to be gossip free, even if that means cutting back on extra volunteer activities in my life. Gossip is hurtful and I no long want any part of it. There is more to talk about than who is doing what, with whom, when the did it, and why. No more gossip, I am now gossip free!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Engineers Lament

What may you ask is life at sea? Speak to seaman and not to me,A dial, a gauge and nothing more, Except the engines roar,No sunset turning the ocean red, Just bed to watch and watch to bed,No deep and rolling ocean smell, Just a foul and dirty oily smell,No watching the low set ocean aboil, Just temperature, pressure, vacuum and oil,No thought how neat and trim your craft, Just count your turns and check your shaft,No fresh air to salt your blood, Just a cigarette and a cup of mud,If you must go to sea, lend me your ear, Don't let them make you an ENGINEER!!

Creating the Navy Wife

When the good Lord was creating Navy wives, he was into his sixth day of overtime.

An angel appeared and said, are you having a lot of trouble with this one? Whats wrong with the standard model?

The Lord replied, have you seen the specifications on, this order? She has to be completely independent, must be sponsored to get on the base and have the quality of both mother and father during cruises; be a perfect hostess to 4 or 40; run on black coffee; handle emergencies without a BUPERS manual; be able to handle the flu, birthdays and move around the world if need be on a moments notice; have a kiss that can heal anything from a child's torn valentine to her husbands weary day; have the patience of a saint when waiting for the ship to come in; and have six pairs of hands.

The angel shook her head slowly and said six pairs of hands! No way! And the Lord answering, don't worry, we'll create other navy wives to help. Besides, it's not the hands that are causing the problem; it's the heart. The heart must swell with pride in her husband, sustain the ache of separations, beat on soundly and strongly when it's too tired to do so, and be large enough to say, I understand when she really doesn't and say I love you regardless.

Lord, said the angel touching his sleeve gently, come to bed, you can finish this tomorrow.

I can't, said the Lord. I'm so close to creating some- thing unique. Already I have one that heals herself when she is sick, can feed three unexpected guests who were stuck in the area due to bad weather, and can wave goodbye to her husband from a pier or runway and fully understand that it is important to our country that he leaves.

The angel circled the model of the navy wife very slowly. It's too soft, she sighed.

But tough. Said the Lord excitedly. You cannot image what this woman can do or endure.

Can she think? Asked the angel.

Can she think! Why she can covert 1400 to 2:00 p.m.

Finally the angel bent over and gently ran her fingers across the model's cheek. There's a leak, she pronounced. I told you that you were trying to put too much into this model.

It's not a leak, said the Lord. It's a tear.

What for? Asked the angel. It's for joy sadness, pain, disappointment, loneliness, and pride!

You're a genius, exclaimed the angel...the Lord looked somberly at the angel and replied I didn't put it there.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Give me just a little bit

Alright, so you have to give me just a little bit to get this up and running. I promise there will be plenty of pictures, a ton of news, and everything and anything thing you could think of. But I do need to get to bed, it 11:35pm and 6am comes early to a little boy off to school.