Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Patrick's 4th Quarter comments:

"Patrick is a fine young man. He constantly tries to do his best. I am most proud of Patrick for realizing his own academic needs; Patrick recognized he had a difficult time focusing when working in small groups, so he asked, almost daily, to be moved to a quiet location in the room. When provided this opportunity Patrick was more relaxed and willing to do his assignments. I know Patrick will go on to do great things. Please continue working with him on his reading and math skills over the summer. I really enjoyed being Patrick's teacher!" 

How awesome is that, he is such an awesome guy!!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Can you taste the salt?

I did it! I did it! After a month of hard core training, time from my family, no alcohol, yucky GU energy that is so icky going down I almost puke on it every time I eat it; I did it! I completed the 20th International Cocos Crossing a 2.5 mile open water swim here in Guam.
I got up yesterday, May 30th, at 4am thinking 'what in the hell am I doing oh well time to go'. We got the kids up, dressed and somewhat feed for 4am, and off to Merizo we headed. The ride down was quite, with the occasional outbursts from my children who thought sugar was the way to go this morning (yeah at 4am whatever they want go for it just so you stop whining). After parking and walking on to the piers we find the water to be calm and the wind to be even calmer, its going to be a GREAT day for a swim!
I get all registered, pick up my official swim cap, and get marked up with my number on my right bicep and right calf..I'm number 200; and as far as I'm concerned that is my time also 2:00:00
They get us on the ferry and cart us across to Cocos Island, 2.5 miles away, and hang out until the start of the race. I'm all greased up, swim cap on, goggles on, numbered up, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting. They didn't start on time. We were supposed to have 7am shot gun start, I'm sitting in the water, and my tummy is growling, my artificial energy is leaving quickly because I'm not using it and I'm getting bored quickly.
7:30am safety brief.
7:35am we FINALLY start, and we are off.
Here I go, I'm swimming, stupid person, you kicked, ugh, another person kicks me, you know this is the down side to open water swimming. No lanes, no one can swim straight-ish, and no one cares if they kick you or bump you or even hit you, grrrrrrrr. So I hang back even further, and eventually I can finally swim comfortably and I get going.
Breast stroke, breast stroke, breast stroke, breast stroke, breast stroke, sight, breast stroke, breast stroke, breast stroke, breast stroke, breast stroke, breast stroke, breast stroke, sight, and repeat...Oh look a sting ray how pretty.
Ok time to free style, my muscles are nice and warmed up, I should be, free, free, free, sight, free free ,free, free, free, sight, free, free, free, free, free, free, sight, freak, crap! breast stroke, breast stroke, breast stroke, ect (you get the point)
OUCH! Cramp, left calf muscle, are you freaking kidding me. The safety personal asking me if I'm ok, yup I'm fine.
I reach the half way point at 0:40:00, nice 1st goal accomplished, reach half before the hour mark. Now boredom has begun to set in, well I have to pray, I say an Our Father, and a Hail Mary, ooo fishy, pretty rock, hey this reef is getting a little to close to my belly ( tighter...)
Talked to the safety personnel for a minute to make sure I'm on track, and cause I was bored.. if you know me I can't go 2 hours without talking to someone.
CRAMP! CRAMP! No no this is not happening, left and right calf muscles.
My kayak safety: "are you ok?" / Me: "cramp" / safety: "do you need to come out?" / Me: "HELL NO! I'm 4 buoys from the end you are not getting me from this water" / safety: "alright just let me know your doing great"
Ok last 4 buoys, oh wow last 3, no wait last 2, that was quick last one, home stretch.. then I realize I was the last swimmer in the water. How did I come to that conclusion, I had the police escort, yup I'm that cool I had the police escort!
PHEW! Out of the water, up the ramp, on the mat, grab my card, hand it off and I'm DONE!! 1:52:57 was my time!!! I can't believe it. My hubby and my baby girl were there to meet me at the finish line, and it was so awesome to see that everyone was there cheering and clapping. Even though I didn't know their name and never met them before they were there cheering me on! I am so blessed my friends were able to make it and were there to help my hubby with my kids and cheer me on.
This is an experience I am looking forward to having again.