Friday, November 02, 2012

Its been a hot minute

Oh goodness, has it been almost 2 years?  I really can't believe it, so much has happened I really do not know where to start.  Well here is the cliff notes version...

- We moved back to the states
- I started working at the YMCA teaching swim lessons
- Swam in the Great Chesapeake Bay 1-mile challenge
- Patrick joined the YMCA swim team and did phenomenal
- Bella joined the YMCA gymnastics team and was asked to go to team 2, pre-competition team
- Dempsey was received Sailor of the Quarter
- I quit the YMCA
- Dempsey played volleyball for his command
- Our friend moved in with us
- We moved houses
- I started college again
- I umpired for Little League Softball and ASA/USSSA teams out here over the spring/summer
- Dempsey played softball for his command
- Christine's kids came up for the summer
- Patrick and Bella went to mom's for a couple weeks
- We went to the family reunion in Michigan for the first time in 5 years
- Christine moved out
- Patrick joined the USA Swimming team
- Bella became a Pop Warner Cheerleader
- I accepted at job with the Department of Veterans Affairs
- Patrick has learned to play the recorder, and loves it
- Bella is getting ready to join gymnastics at a different gym

And I'm sure there is more, but goodness almost 2 years worth of stuff is hard to remember.  But I promise to keep up this time. ;) Promise

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