Friday, November 02, 2012

Blue Star Theatre

I received the privilege to represent military families at the launching of the Blue Star Theatres program.  This is wonderful program that I am very much looking forward to utilizing for with my family.

"Blue Star Theatres is a collaboration between Theatre Communications Group and Blue Star Families, with leadership support from the MetLife Foundation. The first launch of the program is September 28, 2012, with 22 theatres participating. Through Blue Star Theatres, we plan to help better connect theatre offerings to military personnel across the United States.  This initiative is intended to recognize the contributions of service families, to build stronger connections between the theatre community and military families in communities all across the country and to help in whatever small way we can to aid service people and their families as they seek to be integrated into the lives of their communities. Each participating Blue Star Theatre is offering discounted or complimentary admission to all military personnel and their families, as well as veterans.  Education programs and other theatre opportunities may be discounted as well."

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